Colbert takes on Pat Robertson

Really, there comes a point when you should hang up your culture war boxing gloves and step away from the limelight. If you’re using the word “slatternly” in a conversational, completely non-ironic context you’ve probably passed it by.

In other words: *boo/hiss* to Mr. Robertson, but a big *here, here!* to Mr. Colbert.

(ETA: Heard through Tony Jones over at Theoblogy.)

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  • Posted January 19, 2013 at 1:04 pm | Permalink

    Isn’t it “hear, hear?” As in, hear what the man has to say?

    I didn’t much like his final comment about “Christine Christ,” but other than that, Robertson’s comments begged to be mocked. Hard. Not only for how he phrased them, but for his entire attitude: go be pretty, girls, because that’s your job. I wouldn’t be surprised if he condemns women who are “too” pretty as vain and wasteful and profligate.

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